The Top 5 Budget Smartphones

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There is a lot of innovation going on in the smartphone world right now. Smartphones are getting better by the day. Unfortunately these great new features aren’t cheap and so neither are the best smartphones. Though that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a great smartphone on a budget. Here is a look at some of the best budget smartphones available today. All these phones cost under £200 and give you great value for money.


OnePlus X

The OnePlus X is a great little phone with an attractive design and a bright display. It has plenty of storage, a powerful camera, and a huge 3GB of RAM. Unfortunately there is no NFC connectivity and it’s also very difficult to get your hands on one as you can only get them on an invite only system. Though if you do get your hands on one you’ll definitely love it.


Wileyfox Storm

This may be the first phone released by Wileyfox but it’s still on par with OnePlus. In some ways the Storm is better than the OnePlus. It features a full-HD display, 32GB of storage and a brilliant 20MP rear camera. The front facing camera is 8MP, all of which are very impressive given the price. Overall this is the phone for you if you want what the OnePlus X offers but without needing to get an invite.

Sony Xperia M4 Aqua

The Xperia M4 Aqua is Sony’s offering for the mid-range and it’s definitely an improvement on the old M2 Aqua, but now there are phones that are better still than the M4. Though that doesn’t take away from how good this phone is. This is the only phone on this list that has IP68 waterproof technology that should protect the electronics in the event of it falling in to water.

The phone features a 5-inch 720p screen and a great battery considering it’s a mid-range phone. If you’re a fan of Sony then this really is the best Sony phone under £200.

Moto G (2015 model)

Even though the Moto G isn’t the absolute best budget phone around it’s still an incredible phone and the best cheap phone from Motorola. The phone has a high quality display even though it uses 720p, and the quad-core processor delivers fast performance with most tasks. It is also compatible with the latest version of the Android OS. The Moto G was finally upgraded to have 4G as well. Unfortunately it still doesn’t have NFC connectivity yet. It’s a shame but it’s just one problem that doesn’t detract too much from how incredible the phone is.

Acer Liquid Jade S

The Acer Liquid Jade S may have some flaws but it does also have some of the best performance you can find in a dual-SIM smartphone.  It uses an octa-core processor to deliver incredible performance speeds. The design is another great thing about the phone. It features a lightweight and curvy design that gives you a strong phone that feels good in your hands.

Despite that there are still some areas where the Acer falls short. The battery life and the cameras could be a lot better. So even though this is a great phone it isn’t the absolute best around.There are many budget smartphones out there. This list is only some of the best. If you need a smartphone on a budget then just be a smart shopper and you can’t make the wrong choice. Any of these phones are a good option. Don’t forget to shop around a little to get the best deals on these phones and more. Different stores have different deals after all.

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